Some Ideas To Choose Indeed High Borosilicate Glass

- May 23, 2018-

The common glass in the market is sodium calcium glass (common glass), tempered glass, high borosilicate glass.

High borosilicate heat-resistant glass can withstand the instantaneous temperature about 150 ℃, can be served hot and cold drinks safety.The main process is artificial blowing and semi-automatic assembly line, and special case suppression.

Ordinary glass can only inherit the instantaneous temperature of 75 ℃, mainly on the application of cold drink beer, mainly process and iron pipe blowing process.

The tempered glass is very thick so it is generally not used in cups, and the difference is as follows:

1.the thick bottom cup is always instead of high borosilicate glass cup.

2. Double-layer glasses, most of high borosilicate glass;

3. The glass cup with the handle is light and thin, and the thickness with 2mm is borosilicate glass.

4, daily use high borosilicate glass is mainly made of artificial blowing, raw materials are mainly high borosilicate glass tube, high temperature burning soft, then placed into the mold the blow made or fixed blow.