Small Crystal Glass Reflects The Truth

- Nov 09, 2017-

The glass may be small, but the truth reflected in the transparent crystal glass does not necessarily mean that everyone understands it. You use crystal glass to drink, or drink tea?

Frequent drinking and driving events in recent years have touched many Chinese people's hearts. The appearance of a pile of people seems to be warning people of the dangers of drinking and driving. And since this year in a nationwide campaign to rectify drunk driving special action, people brutal "persuade" the usual dining table, the gradual change of style of drinking, wine substitute to become a fashion.

In the past, there was no food or drink in the meeting, drunk but also some trouble, the police severely punish "drunk driving", the drinking habits have changed, and now the bottle on the table plummeted, most of the people on behalf of the wine on behalf of the wine, the scene Civilization, the atmosphere is also more harmonious.