Production Of Glass Bottle Mold Name

- Nov 09, 2017-

A: set of complete mold There are a few components:

1: First mold:? First is the need to produce the shape of the product in the initial model stereotypes

2: Die:? Product molding is the main mold

3: funnel:? Glass solution from the automatic feeder into the first mold before the first step

4: bulk head:? Glass solution is dropped into the initial model with the initial mold to complete the initial processing of molding parts

5: Die:? Is the bottle mold stereotypes is also a glass bottle after the initial stereotypes to move from the mold into a mold

6: Inflatable: After the glass products are initially molded into the mold after the strong pressure by the air compressor to shape the glass solution of the tool

7: punch:? Is a large mouth bottle (jars) bottle-shaped bottle stereotypes die, punch size affect the bottle diameter size.

8: core:? Is the size of the mouth of the mouth bottle size tool.