Glass Is An Amazing Material – And Modern Life Is Unimaginable Without It.

- Jun 26, 2018-

Glass is an amazing material – and modern life is unimaginable without it.

We all rely on glass every day because of its unique chemistry that allows it to be:

  • transparent yet impermeable – a durable barrier against everything from the weather to bacteria

  • non-toxic – making it entirely safe in contact with food and drink

  • virtually inert – because it won't react with its contents or surroundings it’s perfect for scientific, surgical and pharmaceutical use.

The most common uses of glass are:

  • container glass – bottles and jars

  • flat glass – including glazing for buildings and vehicles

  • glass fibre – used for reinforcement, insulation and fibre optics

  • scientific hollow glass – such as tubing and vials

  • domestic glassware – such as tumblers, jugs and vases

  • ballotini – tiny glass beads used in, for example, reflective paint, wet and dry blast cleaning and water filtration