Why the status of glass bottles can not be replaced

- Nov 09, 2017-

Glass packaging food to society is a hundred years, from ancient hand to the present mechanism technology, glass packaging is the most healthy human body has been recognized by society, since the successful development of glass bottles will soon replace the ceramic bottle Packaging, and now become the protagonist of the world's packaging, and now with the social development and progress, plastic bottles have superior prices want to go beyond the location of glass bottles in the last 30 years, plastic bottles nearly 60% of the market occupy the packaging, However, the consequences are not ideal. Plastic bottles and rubbish are used everywhere, causing great pollution to the earth. Glass bottles are irreplaceable food packaging bottles, so far 30 years have passed, people can not do without glass bottles, plastic bottles have a great harm to the human body, raw materials derived from the petrochemical, all know long-term use of great harm to humans, so Glass bottles have been recognized by mankind as an irreplaceable food packaging bottle.