what's their borosilicate glass trade names

- Jul 23, 2018-

Trade names

Borosilicate glass is offered in slightly different compositions under different trade names:

· Borofloat of Schott AG, a borosilicate glass, which is produced to flat glass in a float process.

· BK7 of Schott, a borosilicate glass with a high level of purity. Main use in lens and mirrors for laser, cameras and telescopes.

· Duran of DURAN Group, similar to Pyrex, Simax or Jenaer Glas.

· Fiolax of Schott, mainly used for containers for pharmaceutical applications.

· Ilmabor of TGI (de) (2014 insolvency), mainly used for containers and equipment in laboratories and medicine.

· Jenaer Glas of Zwiesel Kristallglas, formerly Schott AG. Mainly used for kitchenware.

· Pyrex of Arc International Cookware, formerly Corning. Mainly used for kitchenware

· Rasotherm of VEB Jenaer Glaswerk Schott & Genossen, for technical glass

· Simax of Kavalierglass a.s.

· Willow Glass is an alkali free, thin and flexible borosilicate glass of Corning