How a glass bottle is a production line

- Nov 09, 2017-

How a glass bottle is a production line, changes in consumer trends with the times, the rapid development of science and technology. Manufacturing is also synchronized. After a national standard or industry standard is used for a period of seven to eight years, necessary improvements and modifications should also be made to retain those parts that are suitable for the development trend and add some necessary elements. Excessive requirements and excessive technical indicators increase the useless manufacturing costs, resulting in a waste of resources should also be included in the list of changes, the top priority is to make the national standard or industry standard more authoritative, representative and appropriate. Inaccurate, manual machine production process will appear in the operation of the mold deviation or not in place. Evenness of the bottle made of the mouth will be very different, but the manual operation will be due to the individual bottle and will be more flexible than the assembly line, so as to achieve the product line can not effect.