Bottle exports need to pay attention to several major issues

- Nov 09, 2017-

Glass bottles on the bionic appearance exception should be fully aware. Japanese and Singaporeans are very disgusted with the imitation of Buddha-type products; Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya and many Islamic countries taboo pigs and dogs bionic appearance, Pakistani even pandas bionic appearance are not looking; India taboo cattle, North Africa taboo dog, Madagascar Taboo Owl bionic appearance; in some areas the animals as vicious, foolish, contrary to Iraqis imagined God is the shape of a peacock, peacock bionic appearance is particularly fond of. Japan, India that the ducks are auspicious, wit the sign. Citizens in our country are accustomed to seeing owls as an ominous thing, very repugnant to snakes, and seldom have their bionic appearances. Some countries in Europe often use owls, snakes, lions and other animals as a sign, they think the owl is a sign of intelligence, owls, snakes, lions bionic appearance of glass bottles will be looked forward to.